Louis Vuitton Bag vs Gucci Bag – Which Brand Has The Best Luxury Bag

My friends often ask me which I like the most out of Gucci bag and Louis Vuitton’s bags and It’s never an easy decision when both brands fuel your passion for luxury bags. Comparing two high fashion luxury brands like Gucci vs Louis Vuitton bags side by side and trying to find a winner usually comes down to your own personal taste and which brand offers the designs that most appeal to your own style and fire up that desire that always comes before a luxury purchase.

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I’m going to show you some of the main differences between the two brands and then show you lots of my favourite bags from each brand, let you see what I adore most about each bag and then give some interesting insights to help you decide which brand and bag you like best and whether you should take home an LV or Gucci bag for your next luxury treat.

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Style and design features

Louis Vuitton is the more established of the two brands and offer bags that have a timeless and sophisticated design which often have a high resale value. The following photo shows the LV demier canvas design style which was created in 1888 and looks like a checkerboard with a subtle monogram.


The most iconic LV bag design is the beautiful Monogram canvas which has a distinctive timeless style that makes this design one of the worlds most beautiful luxury bag designs.


Gucci bag are most recognisable as a luxury brand because of the iconic GG logo monogram design.

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Price comparison

Gucci bags enter the market at around $800 with the Marmont label and the average price of a Gucci bag is over $2000 with limited edition collectors items selling for more than $30,000.


Louis Vuitton’s lowest price bags start at around $800 and limited edition collection items can sell for more than $10,000 so collectors often buy LV’s unique designs as an investment.


Fabric & Materials

The LV Damier canvas style that is used in lots of the classic Louis Vuitton designs makes use of a coated cotton canvas and looks most alluring in the following ebene colour tone.


Gucci was founded and became recognisable as a producer of beautifully crafted leather goods. During the war, because of restrictions on leather, Gucci began to create their own method of producing beautiful canvas designs.


My favourite Louis Vuitton bags

Here are some of my favourite LV bags. Take a look and then check out the Gucci bags below so you can compare the two brands and find which bag you love the most.

Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini Backpack


Let’s start this review with an adorable cross-body top handle bag from LV. For me the name Palm springs brought up memories of sunshine and fun times with the girls so as soon as I heard the name I just had to see the bag.The black leather handle and loops give this gorgeous bag some stand out bold contrasting detail and a hint of casual. You are going to love the LV logo monogram that is reversed making an interesting collectors item piece.

Some people don’t like the front pockets and had some minor issues with the flaps but most people don’t use them because the front pockets are tiny and it’s not concerning when the style and design is so cute and alluring and the main pocket has much more space for your daily accessories.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag


Louis Vutton’s Neverfull bag has a classic chic look with everyday appeal. If you like a bag that you can wear and fill with all your everyday items, even the medium size of the Neverfull bag is spacious. With everyday bags I often find the handle fabric begins to fray and cracks eventually appear in the leather but this bag is tough. This strong design means that the fabric doesn’t fold or bend and the full shape and LV logo are on display if you are a girl who loves to show off your brands. If you do love your brands check out our article comparing some La mer and La Prairie beauty products.

Louis Vuitton Pochette Felicie monogram canvas clutch bag


I really love LV’s clutch bag designs when compared with Gucci. The Pochette Felicie monogram is stylish and I have a fondness for more discreet monograms and LV’s creation of a subtle monogram which bends into the canvas colour without overpowering it increases my love affair with this bag. Inside is a removable card holder section and a zipped pocket section for any of you girls concerned with those things. For me I’m just happy to have space for a few accessories, I don’t like to overfill my bags I always have a silly fear that I will damage them if I do.

Because of the small size this is a special occasion bag where you only need it to carry a lipstick and a few small items. The design is beautiful and elegant and I think the red beige colour of the inner is one of my favourite things about this bag.

Louis Vuitton Jungle POCHETTE DOUBLE ZIP


I adore this bold fiery leopard and cheetah print bag with stunning gold zips and cross body chain. The bag is black and the two zip sections are gold with the main bag having the printed leopard print style monograms on it. Usually I don’t like animal skin chic clothing but the print is subtle on this bag and the similar colour match with the gold chain works well.

Louis Vuitton Neverall limited edition trunk bag


This limited edition Neverall cowhide bag is difficult to get your hands on but it is a really special bag for all you bag lovers. I adore the splattering of colours with shiny gold fastenings and a pink line that leads into a beautiful gold lock and key attachment in the middle of the bag. A cowhide brown monogram covers most of the bags surface but when mixed in with all sorts of interesting attachments and colours this bag really stand out as being a really special luxury piece that will wow anybody who sees it and you’ll feel like a sophisticated princess as you walk around holding it.

Louis Vuitton Toiletry pouch 26


I usually struggle to find the right occasion to take a clutch bag with me but for you girls that know the benefits and feel comfortable holding a clutch bag the LV 26 pouch has that perfect 1920’s chic clutch bag appeal that can really add some sophistication to your look. The matching interior and exterior fuchsia colour is so rich and beautiful, the monogram is small and the leather structure of the bag has the perfect simple lines.

The LV 26 pouch is lightweight, thin and has enough room to store your phone and makeup for that special dinner or ball. There is something carefree and luxurious about carrying a clutch that you just don’t get with other bags, as long as you match it with the right outfit.

When compared with Gucci, they also offer some lovely clutch bags but I find they don’t have the same beautiful colours and discreet logo that LV do and really don’t capture the original classy 1920’s style in the way this bag does.

Louis Vuitton Neo Noe Canvas Bag


Most girls think of luxury products as being for a special occasion or high fashion special dress up events but you need a larger bag to carry your everyday belongings around from place to place and it’s nice to do that with a bit of style and a bag that offers a bit of longevity.  I chose this canvas bucket style bag because I know it’s nice to have a luxury bag that can hold cameras, purses, lip balms and some flats to make work a bit more comfortable

In the inner centre of this big Neo Noe canvas (bucket style) bag there is a small zipped purse section that runs along the centre line so the whole bag isn’t split fully in half which makes the inside feel much more spacious. The bag is hugged tightly by the monogram coated calf leather trim canvas and when the drawstring falls into place the centre of the bag is split in half delicately by the beautiful midnight red tone. Rising above the gold detailed attachments on top of the the bag is a roulette of red and black which form one of my favourite features… the shoulder strap.

Gucci Bags That I Like

Gucci Marmont Top Handle Bag

 In all my years of perusing the most beautiful bags in flagship stores I have never been brave enough to purchase a luxury bag in such a light colour because I don;t treat my bags as well as I should. For lots of my friends they happily use a bag a few times and then keep it in pristine condition safely tucked away in its box or on a dust free shelf sitting their like a trophy in a cabinet. I can’t bring myself to do that, I just love to show off my bags and enjoy wearing them as often as I have chance to. This doesn’t mean I don’t often change bags, I do, I’ll mix and match my wardrobe and make sure my full collection of bags get used.

Gucci are know for having some beautiful black bags but this white small top handle bag shows off it’s unique patterned lines and curves in a way that I think works nicely and still manages to maintain that elegance you find in a mono-coloured bag. The gold Gucci monogram fastener matches the should length chain nicely and the handles curves with a sophisticated shape.

Gucci Marmont Pink Tropical Flower Bag


Nothing shows off my femininity more than when I’m holding a pink luxury bag with those delicate black lines creating an edge between me and an endless fluffy cloud of pink. This delicate bag is a tropical flower pink colour which sounds just as exotic and vibrant as it looks. I love the choice of bag designs and colours in Guccis Marmont collection and this is one of my favourites.

Gucci Ghost Black Leather Apollo Bag


Gucci introduced their ghost range in 2016 and they quickly became trendy in celebrity circles. I like the way Gucci somehow manage to mix opulence and street trend in this colourful graffiti style bag. Somehow this luxury brand manage to create a mixture of nightly black, gold tone hardware and interesting blue and yellow graffiti characters that resemble the Guchi logo in a quirky mirror image of the letter G. I can’t figure out what outfit I would wear with this bag but I like the bold street style and how unique this bag is.

Gucci Marmont 2 Hibiscus Red heart Chevron Bag


You won;t find many more unique bags than this rich hibiscus red chevron bag. The zigzag embedded stitched lines on the upper lip and curved stitching on the main body of the bag offer a stylish blend. The gold fastener is connected to a red section of the bag that is shaped pointing down t the bottom of the bag. What makes this bag special for me is the way the curves and contours grab my attention and make me want to try on all my favourite casual formal outfits just so I can find the perfect colours to match the beautiful sophisticated rich hibiscus red.

Gucci Women’s Leather Micro GG Guccissima Mini


You can’t say you love Gucci unless you have one of the brands trademark black leather bags. It is possible to use the shoulder strap or remove it and use the Guccissima mini as a clutch bag if you prefer that style of bag.

A Comparison Between Gucci and Louis Vuitton Bags.

Both brands offer a huge number of bags in a wide variety of colours, designs, styles and sizes so putting Louis Vuitton vs Gucci bags and trying to find a winner is an impossible task. I think if you are after a timeless classic bag with a beautiful and simple feminine style then you and most likely to enjoy Louis Vuitton because their logos are often subtle and less obvious than Gucci’s. If you are looking for a modern edgy and trendy design that pushes the boundaries in the fashion world then you are going to find more bags that match your style in Gucci’s collections.

LV bags are usually priced a little higher than Gucci’s and are often best for a more formal occasion whereas Guccis’s bags offer a younger street style and an overall slightly lower price range.

I hope you find a bag that you love from my suggestions above. Comment below and let me know which brands bags are your favourite! I’d love to know.

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